• Bill Nye the Science Guy Drinking Game

Bill Nye the Science Guy Drinking Game


Scientist/comedian Bill Nye explores various aspects of science for young viewers.




The essentials: Your goggles, labcoat, & an open mind.

Drink x1 if any of these segments come on:

  • "Check it Out!"
  • "Consider the Following"
  • "Clever Science Trick"
  • "Did You Know That..."
  • "Nifty Home Experiment"
  • "Hey! Look at This!"
  • "Way Cool Scientist"
  • "Try This"
  • or the music video.

Drink x1 if:

  • Anyone mentions a "(fill in the blank) of Science!"
  • The theme song gets played. Drink again if it's with someone else's name in place of Bill's, like Boris or Candace
  • Anyone says "Science rules!"
  • Any segment comes on entitled " (fill in the blank) or Not!" (example: such as "Alive or Not", "Magnetic or Not")
  • Anyone says "Right, Bill..." or "Sure, Bill..."
  • Anyone goes through the door to Nye Labs. Drink again if it leads directly outside, or they can't get it open on the first try
  • The TV-sitcom mom says, "Richie, eat your crust!"
  • Any line or action gets repeated three times (or more) in a row
  • Your attention gets called to a pair of safety goggles
  • Someone tells you not to try this at home, or suggests that you get a grown-up to help you or do it for you. Drink again if Bill shows up at that point in the experiment as the "grown-up". Drink a third time if the kids doing the experiment exhibit doubts as to whether or not Bill actually counts a grown-up
  • Someone wanders by in the background at the lab, doing something not at all related to the experiment
  • Pat, the announcer, starts his "Watch it! Careful! Oo! Ah! Ee!" spiel
  • There's a recognizable spoof of a TV show or movie
  • The film gets speeded up to get through the time-consuming part of an experiment
  • Bill eats, drinks, or licks something in the lab
  • Bill appears outside the lab in his lab coat and bow tie
  • There's a fake ad
  • A kid tells you what a country or locality is famous for

Drink x2 when:

  • There's an oblique reference to Seattle (example: Bill wearing a Mariners cap, Bill looking through a telescope and seeing the Seattle skyline, Bill saying, "Here in the Pacific Northwest...")
  • Bill blows something up
  • Luna Van Dyne shows up. (Take the drinks just as she says, "It's from a Dutch word meaning...")
  • Bill somehow injures himself with a globe (drops it on his foot, bonks himself in the head, etc.)
  • Anyone mixes baking soda and vinegar for any reason
  • Bill dresses in drag (such as Vivian Cupcake)
  • Bill flounders while explaining something. Drink a third time if he ends with, "Well, you know what I mean..." ("Uh-huh...")
  • Bill loses it completely -- repeatedly screaming, wailing, or shouting at the camera at maximum volume (sometimes with echo) for two lines or more...such as "The Absolute Zero Hour". Drink a third time if Pat tries to snap him out of it ("Uh, Bill?...calm down, Bill...")
  • Bill sings. (Note: two drinks may not be enough!)

Drink x3 when:

  • Bill uses a Macintosh and/or destroys a PC, despite the fact that Microsoft is headquartered in Seattle ("Science rules!")
  • The show ends with no outtakes.
  • Bill says the word "sex".

Optional super-drinker rule (at your own risk):

  • Drink every time there's a sound effect

As always, please remember to drink responsibly while enjoying this alcohol drinking game, and please leave feedback in the comments if you enjoyed it!


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