• American Chopper Drinking Game

American Chopper Drinking Game


Documentary series about the goings-on behind the scenes at Orange County Choppers, a custom motorcycle fabrication company located in Montgomery, New York. The series is also a study of the interplay between the Teutels, Paul Sr. and Jr., and the stress that both experience when creating motorcycles as works of art.




The essentials: Access to Discovery Channel's first reality TV series: American Chopper, a bandana wrapped around your head, & a sleeveless shirt. Optional: A handlebar mustache.

Drink x1 if:

  • Someone says "awesome" or "incredible"
  • Paul Sr calls Paul Jr "stupid"
  • Paul Jr called Paul Sr "crazy"
  • When Paul Sr calls Paul Junior "stupid," drink
  • Paul Junior comes back with "You're Crazy," drink again
  • Drink whenever Mikey is shown
  • Mikey does something stupid
  • Paul Sr. OR Junior hits Mikey in any way
  • Paul Sr is shown riding his chopper in a "pensive mood."
  • He is doing a philosophical vioceover during the shot
  • Paul Sr is shown slumming it by riding his Harley Davidson
  • He's riding his HD and talking about how relaxing it is
  • On road trip, drink every time ANYONE mentions: "how nice it is to get away", "how hard it is to be on the road", "how the trip is a great way to catch up on sleep"
  • When Cody is shown working on a bike, drink
  • Paul Sr gives Cody a fatherly hug or advice
  • Paul Jr acknowledges Cody's existence
  • A fireman is shown with the "Fire bike", drink
  • Paul's got the Dalmatian with him, drink two
  • There is ALSO an actual fire truck shown in the background, finish your drink
  • Whenever Paul Jr yells as Paul Sr about how he never does any work. Drink
  • When Paul Sr comes back with something about "I could come out of retirement and work circles around you," drink yet again
  • Drink everytime an object gets thrown
  • Drink whenever someone slams a door
  • The person slamming the door is Vinnie

Drink x2 if:

  • Paul Jr Test rides a new chopper
  • The voiceover is Paul Jr talking about how special the bike is
  • Dink whenever someone punches that punchy-dummy thingie
  • Someone gets a new tattoo

Take a shot if:

  • Someone says "fabulous" - this is a rare occasion.
  • Mikey ever gets his motorcycle license

As always, please remember to drink responsibly while enjoying this alcohol drinking game, and please leave feedback in the comments if you enjoyed it!


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