• Alias Drinking Game

Alias Drinking Game


Sydney Bristow is an international spy recruited out of college and trained for espionage and self-defense.




The essentials: The ability to ignore Jennifer Garner's toes, and respect for the female Jack Bauer.

General Rules

  • The number 47 is seen or mentioned (i.e. room/floor/page numbers, etc.): 1 drink
  • A meeting takes place in a trendy club
  • An ancient manuscript contains information about modern technology: 1 drink
  • Any one says "Rambaldi": 1 drink
  • Any one says "endgame": 1 drink
  • Any one has convenient video footage of a crime: 1 drink
  • Any one fakes video footage to have an alibi: 1 drink
  • Any one is about to shoot a main character only to be shot and killed first: 1 drink
  • Any one survives multiple gun shot wounds: 1 drink
  • Any one dodges machine gun fire: 1 drink
  • Any one loses a tooth or a finger: 1 drink
  • Any one turns out to be a double agent: 1 drink
  • Any one is taken into custody by a government agency: 1 drink
  • Any one *doesn't* escape from a government agency's custody: 1 drink
  • There's a musical montage: 1 drink
  • There's a chase scene: 1 drink
  • There's a clear case of product placement (Coca-Cola, Ford, etc.): 1 drink
  • Something explodes: 1 drink
  • A bad guy kills his own people to further his cause: 1 drink
  • A new organization of bad guys is revealed: 1 drink
  • The red wig woman shows up (Will's sister?): 1 drink
  • Anna returns: 1 drink
  • A "genetic double" is revealed: 1 drink
  • A new character replaces a regular character at something only to be killed off: 1 drink
  • Any one turns out to be married to a spy: 1 drink
  • Any one returns "from the dead": 1 drink
  • Bill Vaughn's background story changes: 1 drink
  • Sydney and the gang have an adult beverage: 2 drinks
  • Danny returns: Chug

Sydney Bristow

  • When pure luck is the only thing that keeps Syd alive: 1 drink
  • Tells Vaughn he is the only person she can talk to : 1 drink
  • Goes to a swank party in a tight dress and wig and must access the computer: 1 drink
  • Has to talk to a professor about a paper she is late on: 1 drink
  • Tries not to laugh while the gadget guy stammers: 1 drink
  • Sits in the middle of someplace public where people are all around and tries to act like she and Vaughn are not talking to each other: 1 drink
  • Looks pained when Any one mentions her fiance: 1 drink
  • Gets a wrong number from Joey's pizza: 1 drink
  • Cries: 1 drink
  • Uses an accent: 1 drink
  • Misses plans with Francie and/or Will for spy business: 1 drink
  • Talks to her Dad about the CIA in the SD-6 building(!): 1 drink
  • Gets caught by surprise and must disable the big bodyguard: 1 drink
  • Sydney gets caught sneaking around at a party and pretends she is drunk: 1 drink (Thanks to Emily for this one.)
  • Looks at a photo of her mom, dad, or any other family member: 1 drink
  • Meets Vaughn in the BloodMobile or Warehouse: 1 drink
  • Has a meaningful conversation with Dad: 10 drinks
  • Kicks Ana's behind: 10 drinks
  • Finds out Sloane is her Father: Chug
  • Finds out she has a long-lost sibling: Chug
  • Graduates from college: Chug


  • Tells Syd the bank is working her too hard: 1 drink
  • Is shirtless: 1 drink
  • Screams (again): 1 drink
  • His assistant leans in for a gratuitous boob shot, and/or obviously comes on to him and he is oblivious: 1 drink
  • Gets chewed out by his editor: 5 drinks
  • Shows up at "the bank" one day to meet Sydney for lunch: 1 drink
  • Actually publishes another story: 10 drinks
  • Becomes a spy: Chug


  • Asks Syd how her trip went: 1 drink
  • Mentions her job: 1 drink
  • Is dressed in her work uniform: 2 drinks
  • Gets back together with Charlie: 10 drinks
  • Finds out about Syd's double life: Chug
  • Turns out to be a spy: Chug

Jack Bristow

  • Walks in late to a meeting: 1 drink
  • Must hurt another guy to protect his identity: 1 drink
  • Saves Sydney: 1 drink
  • Disses Vaughn: 1 drink
  • Mentions "a secure line": 1 drink
  • Gives a genuine smile: 1 drink
  • Says "I Love You" to Sydney: 1 drink
  • Talks to Sydney about her Mom: 5 drinks
  • Asks Dr. Barnett out for dinner: 5 drinks
  • Has an emotional conversation with Sydney: Chug


  • Sits in the middle of someplace public where people are all around and tries to act like he and Syd are not talking to each other: 1 drink
  • Wants to pull Sydney out of danger: 1 drink
  • Wrinkles his forehead in concern: 1 drink
  • Is jealous: 1 drink
  • Gets Sydney a present: 1 drink
  • Is "there for" Sydney as the only person she can talk to: 1 drink
  • Speaks another language: 1 drink (and 1 dreamy sigh)
  • Wears leather: 1 drink (and 1 dreamy sigh)

Marshall (Tech Nerd)

  • Demonstrates a gadget: 1 drink
  • ... which will only work for n seconds: 1 drink
  • ... which is then seen in a subsequent episode: 100 drinks
  • Asks anyone to sit in his inflatable chair: 5 drinks
  • Realizes Sloane is getting ticked: 1 drink
  • Shows he has a crush on Sydney: 1 drink
  • Inadvertently does something to almost blow Sydney's cover: 5 drinks
  • Stops stammering : 100 drinks


  • Doesn't trust Any one: 1 drink
  • Gets irritated with Marshall: 1 drink
  • Has Any one killed: 1 drink
  • Tries to reach out to Sydney in an emotional way: 5 drinks
  • Shaves: 10 drinks
  • Actually sits in Marshall's inflatable chair: 100 drinks


  • Waits by the batmobile... er, um outside, while Syd does everything: 1 drink
  • Asks Sydney "What's wrong?": 1 drink
  • Finds out Sydney is the mole : Chug


  • Whips Sydney's behind: 1 drink
  • Smirks: 1 drink
  • We see her tattoo: 1 drink

As always, please remember to drink responsibly while enjoying this alcohol drinking game, and please leave feedback in the comments if you enjoyed it!


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