• Knocked Up Drinking Game

Knocked Up Drinking Game


For fun-loving party animal Ben Stone, the last thing he ever expected was for his one-night stand to show up on his doorstep eight weeks later to tell him she's pregnant with his child.




Drink every time:

  • Someone says "fuck" / "fucked" / "fucking"
  • Someone says "boobs"
  • Someone says "vagina"

Drink 2x when:

  • You see a baby
  • You see borderline R-rated nudity
  • A pop culture reference is made to a past decade

Take a shot when:

  • People have sex

As always, please remember to drink responsibly! This alcohol drinking game is not meant to lead to you becoming sick due to over-consumption of alcohol. Need a ride? Download Uber or Lyft & get $5 off your first safe, sober ride. If you enjoyed it, please leave feedback in the comments & let us know how we can make it better!


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