• Buried Drinking Game

Buried Drinking Game


Paul is a U.S. truck driver working in Iraq. After an attack by a group of Iraqis he wakes to find he is buried alive inside a coffin. With only a lighter and a cell phone it's a race against time to escape this claustrophobic death trap.




Drink every time:

  • At least one minute of screen time goes by with no dialogue
  • Paul uses his cell phone
  • Paul lets out a grunt or yells
  • Someone says the name of a city

Drink 2x when:

  • You see the cigarette lighter lit
  • A picture or video is displayed on the cell phone
  • You see dirt falling

Drink 3x when:

  • Paul isn't alone in his burried coffin

As always, please remember to drink responsibly while enjoying this alcohol drinking game, and please leave feedback in the comments if you enjoyed it!


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