• Top 5 Ways to Rapidly Consume Alcohol

Top 5 Ways to Rapidly Consume Alcohol

By: Ryan Hogue | Posted in: Drinking Games

In college, I saw alcohol being consumed in more ways than I can remember. I'd like to pay homage to some of the most creative ways I saw alcohol rapidly consumed by friends over the years, in this list of the best ways to rapidly ingest alcohol.

5 Bowl


The Bowl drinking game was invented at George Mason University in 2010. There's no way to lose the game, other than by not participating in it. (Alcohol) Bowls are a great way to raise energy at parties and peer pressure others into drinking shit that would never normally consider touching.

There's nothing special about the game itself, other than it's a stupid as fuck concept that is hilarious to rally around and act sarcastically pretend like it's the best thing since sliced bread. Once the bowl is ready to go, you simply pass it around to the people that got hyped when you decided to "hit a bowl" (ALCOHOL BOWL THAT IS), and enjoy the shit. Expressing your dominance at house parties has never been easier.

At Beach Week the year the bowl drinking game was invented, competitive bowling was also subsequently invented. This time it is about winning, so tap a keg, split into teams, and find two bowls of equal size. Each team has an equally filled bowl, and will begin at the same time; first to finish their alcohol bowl wins.

We strongly suggest getting creative in ways like using beer bongs while the bowl is in rotation to allow more people to consume more alcohol faster. Nothing is off limits... we have seen it all, so get creative, act ignorant, and have a great time, that's what bowling is all about!

4 Beer Bong

Beer Bong

Beer Bonging is a staple for rapidly consuming alcohol. Just like a 100 level gen-ed college class, all university students learn (and perfect) the art of beer bonging.

If you're beer bonging with more than one person, have whoever is holding it do a countdown and do a synchronized chug at the end. Ideally in the bigger ones you'll have twistable nozzles that can open and close to prevent beer from spilling out while getting ready to chug.

If you're doing a 6-8 person bong, we encourage you to pre-select one section to be filled with a shot (or two) of liquor on top of the beer that's already in it, then let people unknowingly pick which funnel to drink out of and let the fun begin. People are often so drunk they don't realize they got the liquor anyways...

3 Power Hour

Power Hour

60 shots of beer (~6-7 beers) are drank over the course of an hour, shots are taken each minute to a music mix of your choice.

A Power Hour is a great pregame before going out to a party, as it paces you to drink about one beer per ten minutes, for an hour, and will definitely get you feeling right before it ends. It's also a very chill way of drinking with friends, and a great social drinking game as there is no competition or thought involved.

First, choose a Power Hour Mix of your liking. A good power hour will sample a consistent sound to note when the song changes, so that listeners don't miss a drink. Over the course of the hour, 60 songs will play, and a shot of beer is taken at the end of each minute.

2 Gargoyle


The Gargoyle Drinking Game is more or less a personal way of showing others just how few fucks you really have to give. It's a one-man keg stand!

The Gargoyle is essentially the solo keg stand, where true male dominance is expressed. I once saw someone convince a girl to pump the keg for him with her mouth while he Gargoyled from it, and coincidentally he was the person that taught me how to Gargoyle in the first place.

Before you start the beer flow, make sure to give the keg a few good pumps so that you can use your free hand to count out how long you've been going for (extra ignorant!). As you go, use this free hand to continue pumping the keg. Lastly, Make sure that at all costs you go longer than 30 seconds, so that your attempt at showing off doesn't backfire!

1 Keg Stand

Keg Stand

Wondering how to keg stand? Or what a keg stand is? You've come to the right place. There's nothing quite like telling everyone at a party they can wait while you chug from the tapped keg for as long as possible.

After you've grabbed people to hold you up, hold the tap, and count for you, hoist yourself up and let that delicious beer flow. Keg stands have no rules. It's a drinking game of your upside-down hanging body versus the endless flow of keg beer. If any rule should exist, it'd be that any self-respecting man wouldn't tap out before at least 30 seconds has passed.

Keg stands are a great way to show off at house parties, and a great way to increase energy levels in general. You should never be afraid of stepping up and getting the first round of keg stands started, unless you're afraid of being considered the life of the party. If no one wants to help you, you always have #2 on this list: The Gargoyle.

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