• Top 5 Outdoor Drinking Games

Top 5 Outdoor Drinking Games

By: Ryan Hogue | Posted in: Drinking Games

When summer rolls around you'd better get back in the gym and start doing cardio to get those abs looking right. Nice weather means partying outdoor, and partying means alcohol consumption. This is our list of the best outdoor drinking games, enjoy!

5 Ice Cube Tray Relay

Ice Cube Tray Relay

Ice Cube Tray Relays are a great way of getting drunk outside with friends, as it inspires friendly competition that centers around drinking alcohol.

4 Volleybeer


Volleybeer combines Beer Pong and Volleyball and turns it into an outdoor drinking game that can be enjoyed by groups of 4 or 6 people split into teams

3 Spikeball


Spikeball is a 2 vs 2 outdoor drinking game that requires hand eye coordination in order to spike a ball off a small trampoline or field balls hit the opponent.

2 Polish Horseshoes

Polish Horseshoes

The Polish Horseshoes Drinking Game is great to play outdoors on the beach with friends that combines frisbee and beer into a competitive, fun game.

1 Corn Hole

Corn Hole

The Corn Hole drinking game is played outdoors and is a staple in America at tailgates and parties alike as it's a semi-competitive way of getting drunk with a partner.

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