• NHL Drinking Game
  • By Walter Gawron on 12/23/2014
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NHL Drinking Game

  • Players: 2+
  • Type: Social
  • Drink: Beer
  • Consumption:
  • Year: -Today
  • Genre: Hockey
  • Actors:


The NHL Drinking Game assigns drinks of beer or liquor based on various outcomes during a National Hockey League match, and can be adapted to NHL video games.


  • NHL match on TV OR NHL video game match
  • Alcohol


Tune into a live NHL game or fire up your XBOX/PS4 and load up your favorite NHL video game (I prefer '93 on Sega Genesis). Crack a beer and read the rules.


Drinks are assigned when various things happen throughout the hockey game. First of course, you need to pick a team to root for though.

  • Goal: 1 Drink
  • Big Hit: 1 Drink
  • Puck Hits Post: 1 Drink
  • Glass Breaks: 2 Drinks
  • Your Team Gets Called Offsides: 1 Drink
  • Losses a Faceoff: 1 Drink
  • Gets a Penalty: 1 Drink Per Min In Box
  • Loses a fight: 3 Drink
  • Penalty Shot Against: 1 Shot +1 If Scored
  • Shorthand Goal Against: Finish Your Drink
  • Gets Shout Out: Shotgun a Beer

Special Players!

Whenever one of these players are playing they get added to the everyone rules. (optional)

  • Zdeno Chara (Bruins) Loses a Fight: 1 Shot
  • Shawn Thornton (Panthers) Fights: 1 Drink
  • Sidney Crosby (Penguins) Scores a Goal: 1 Drink
  • P. K. Subban (Canadiens) Dives: 1 Drink & Flip Him Off!

As always, please remember to drink responsibly while enjoying this alcohol drinking game, and please leave feedback in the comments if you enjoyed it!


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