• Machi Koro Drinking Game
  • By Deys Iniassuh on 1/15/2016
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Machi Koro Drinking Game

  • Players: 2 - 4
  • Type: Social
  • Drink: Beer
  • Consumption:
  • Year: -Today
  • Genre:
  • Actors:


The Machi Koro Drinking Game takes the popular card game rules and builds on it, adding additional rules that dictate when players consume alcohol after a turn



Set up the game according to the rules. Every player has his/her own drink on hand. There is also a "community cup" from which every player might have to drink from (similar to King's cup). FIll the community cup with a little bit of every alcohol available in the house or apartment. Add in any sodas, juices, or popsicles you may have.


The Machi Koro Drinking Game rules build on the standard card game rules, so make sure to be familiar with them and proceed as normal... except be ready to drink after certain things occur. Here are the rules:

  1. As long as all players have a Wheat Field card, whenever a 1 is rolled, the last player to say "yay!" or express approval in some way drinks
  2. If a player loses coins to another player, the player losing coins drinks
  3. If the player cannot pay the full amount, he/she drinks from the community cup
  4. Every time a player builds a landmark, every other player drinks
  5. Every time a player curses, he/she must drink... if the curse is the f-word, he/she must drink from the community cup as well
  6. If a player's turn takes more than 20 seconds after money is collected, he/she drinks... feel free to count out loud
  7. If a die falls off the table, the roller takes a drink... if both dice fall off, the roller takes a drink from the community cup as well
  8. If you would receive money from someone but you receive NONE, take a drink to ease your sorrow
  9. If any player finishes their personal drink, all of their drinks must be taken from the community cup

If you're looking for the Machi Koro rules, you can download the PDF here.

As always, please remember to drink responsibly! This alcohol drinking game is not meant to lead to you becoming sick due to over-consumption of alcohol. Need a ride? Download Uber or Lyft & get $5 off your first safe, sober ride. If you enjoyed it, please leave feedback in the comments & let us know how we can make it better!


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