• Green Glass Door Drinking Game

Green Glass Door Drinking Game

  • Players: 2+
  • Type: Social
  • Drink: Any
  • Consumption:
  • Year: -Today
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The Green Glass Door drinking game is unique in that it can only be played if people don't know the rules. Once people figure out what can and can't be taken through the green glass door, the game ends!


  • drink of choice


Green glass door is a verbal drinking game that requires no specific setup, other than that at least one person is "in" on it and at least one person doesn't know the rule.


This unique drinking game could be described as a riddle that really has no tips, other than you can give people examples of what can and can't be taken through the green glass door. Words that contain 2 repeating letters can be taken through the door, and words that don't contain at least 2 repeating letters cannot be taken through the door.

Three obvious examples of words that would be able to be brought through the green glass door are: "green", "glass", and "door", which also hint at the rule. As more people eventually figure it out, be sure to make fun of those still left guessing for being so slow. Also, don't forget to make people drink after each incorrect guess, and force those who give up to shotgun a beer before letting them in on it.

When the game ends, we suggest moving on to a similar riddle drinking game Lets Go Camping.

As always, please remember to drink responsibly! This alcohol drinking game is not meant to lead to you becoming sick due to over-consumption of alcohol. Need a ride? Download Uber or Lyft & get $5 off your first safe, sober ride. If you enjoyed it, please leave feedback in the comments & let us know how we can make it better!


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