• Drink Draw Drinking Game
  • By pu_pu on 8/19/2013
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Drink Draw Drinking Game

  • Players: 3+
  • Type: Social
  • Drink: Any
  • Consumption:
  • Year: -Today
  • Genre:
  • Actors:


The Drink Draw drinking game is pretty simple, and no artistic talent is required. Take turns choosing completely random scenarios for everyone to draw; the artist of the worst drawing drinks!


  • 1x Pen/Pencil per person
  • 1x Paper per person
  • Alcohol


Aside from gathering things to draw with and draw on, there isn't much of a setup for this drinking game. Just choose someone to pick the first thing/scenario to draw.


This drawing drinking game favors those that suck at art, because more time than not, the worse the drawing is, the more votes it will get as being the best (assuming it's distinguishable). When picking a scenario for everyone to draw, nothing is off limits. For instance, the person who shared this on Reddit used the example: "A duck with a particularly large penis having sex with a dog who's enjoying it! Etc", so as you can see nothing is off limits and the funnier, the better.

Give each round ~30 seconds for drawings to be completed, and then share them with the group so that voting can begin to find the best and the worst drawings. The artist that created the best one assigns a drink, and whoever made the worst drawing must drink as well.

The drawing. The debate. DRINK DRAW.

As always, please remember to drink responsibly! This alcohol drinking game is not meant to lead to you becoming sick due to over-consumption of alcohol. Need a ride? Download Uber or Lyft & get $5 off your first safe, sober ride. If you enjoyed it, please leave feedback in the comments & let us know how we can make it better!


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