• Basic of the Slot Machine Strategies

Basic of the Slot Machine Strategies

By: Sergey G. | Posted in: Gambling | Published: 2/21/2017

Slot machines are one of the most profitable methods of doing business, as the profitability of a machine is hardwired into a machine's source code from birth.

Slot machines are one of the most profitable methods of doing business. The owner earns so-called "rate of return", that is, the system administrator sets in advance the percentage of funds invested in the slot machine, which is returned to players as winnings. This percentage varies between 80 and 95, but on average it is 85-92. Most online slots do not allow you to put a percentage less than 80 because the manufacturer believes that in this case the contents of the slot machine will be out of business.

Absolutely a mistake to think that, supposedly, if a slot machine game with a payout percentage of 80 "eat" 100 dollars, he must pay due to the player a sum 80 dollars. Winning combination also appears randomly, as well as losing, so the slot machines can "eat" both 1 and 10 thousand dollars and nothing to give, but in the next moment gives 80% (from arbitrary amount), prescribed to player.

In any case, if you take the statistics of the slot machine for more or less long period (1 week/1 month), it still appears that the slot machine gave the player no more than 80% of funds invested in it. A player can win only in case if you get to a random point of impact 80 percent of a random amount that stuck and will stick in the future by someone else.

The fortune hunters need to carefully such attitude, for each slot machine. You need to learn the rules of the game immediately before you bet. The main thing is not to miss the right moment nearby to the slot machine and keep the psychological state, attitude and philosophical approach to the game. Calm and cool judgment above all else, everything else is secondary. And this secondary will come by itself.

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